An audio-visual exploration of the mind.  Abstract synthesised sound and digitally created visuals are born from the data extracted from the human brain. The experience is harsh and grating, with imperfections and artefacts from each step of the process affecting the outcome. As data is converted, crushed, turned analog and synthesised into noise it takes on a brutally alien and glitched form. This harsh sound is accompanied by visuals of sharp, angular geometry created by mapping coordinates and dimensions of the screen to the exact same brain data.

This exhibit piece explores the soundscape of the human mind with the current outcome reflecting the electroencephalograph data extracted from someone listening to pop music. Like some sort of over engineered translator, it maps the data from the processing brain and creates uniquely intense music, unlike anything heard before.

An array of circuitry mounted on a small sheet of aluminium. Thin cables run between the circuit boards with a power cable plugged into the left hand side and an audio cable plugged into the right. A hand is turning a volume knob at the top left corner of the aluminium sheet.
Interpolated Noise gives the brain a voice, despite how grating and discordant it may sound.

Powered by Processing and a custom-built DAC – Data to Audio Converter – featuring an Arduino and micro-analog synthesiser, the project was run in a garage and projected large scale in the dark for full immersion into the distorted experience.

A set of angular lines projected over a hand, holding a metal sheet covered in wires and circuit boards in a dark room.