Here are a few bonus projects and pieces from the past few years

rAdIo - a smart speaker concept, realised in a high fidelity experience prototype. tuned like a radio, each “station” turns the smart assistant into a different radio presenter, each with their own genres of music. using an arduino, speaker circuit, leds and potentiometers to provide a visual functionality while playing audio through a phone plugged into the back. using 3D printing, laser cutting and a variety of techniques to construct a robust but refined prototype, inspired by Braun electroni

two design briefs from my time working as an ACES ambassador for product design. these were used to get prospective applicants to get a feel for thinking, idea generating and evolving a concept like a designer.

a selection of my own cad models and renders for various projects/experimentation. the synthesiser also features electronically correct circuit boards designed my myself in KiCad as well as integrated standard components. many of the others were used to experiment with how far I could push the rendering engines of Solidworks Visualize.

HENRY REWIRED: CIRCUITRY FUZZ 2 - a homemade fuzz guitar pedal installed into a modified childrens toy henry hoover. great fun in reusing a second hand object and turning it into something that gets everyone talking. makes a super fuzzy, crunchy sound when running an instrument through it. great fun for experimenting with sound.