My final year dissertation was written as three journalistic magazine articles, specifically in the style of The Skinny.

As a highly popular, free, Scottish, monthly issued magazine which focuses on music, film, art and design, I felt it was a perfect style to imitate.

I researched into the accessibility of music venues in the UK, their successes and failures and how they could improve for disabled music fans and carers.

A delve into the novel world of virtual and videogame concerts provided a possible alternative solution to venue accessibility and the ways in which they even improve upon the experience.

Lastly, a solid look at what changes to be made within the live music industry were discussed and how the concert experience can be made safer and more inclusive.

The magazine articles were laid out in the same style as The Skinny and features many of the same stylings and supplementary content you would expect, but with a slight Bob twist.

View the full dissertation HERE!