Care and Share Dundee is a group project and social initiative created to encourage people to engage with those in care homes to tackle the lonliness that residents experience. Inviting people to share photos and memories.

The group initiative, managed and co-ordinated remotely, was inspired by the post-it note messages adorning the windows of student flats throughout lockdown and their ability to so easily communicate a simple message to anyone outside.

Unfortunately never launched officially, the instagram based intervention had been thought out and researched in order to create instructions for care home staff and an understanding of how to make the most it.

Using analytics from instagram, my primary role was to work with quantitative data and analyse when the most effective times were to upload, when was best to use stories and garner the most attention to hopefully provide the elderly residents with more responses to their prompts.

I compiled our collective findings and research into a report which detailed the intervention in full, our inspirations, initial findings and overview of its successes and failures.

A Link to the Intervention on Instagram