A project inspired by the almost infinitely complex networks of neurons and networks in the brain, enabled by minute electric signals. Even the most advanced computer can be seen as a series of electrical exchanges.

I wanted to create something, inspired not only by the electrical data which we can record from a person’s brain activity, but also an interest in the marrying of analogue and digital technology.

The project revolves around a custom made DAC (data to analogue converter), which encompasses a combination of Microsoft Excel, Processing, Arduino and a home-made Atari Punk Console (diy synthesiser).

When data is sent through the DAC, it is interpreted, chewed up, and angrily spat back out as harsh, glitching noise. Translating the numerical data from brain activity into coded variables and back out into a buzzing, screaming soundtrack, accompanied by angular visuals, which animate according to the same set of brain data.

The result: Interpolated Noise, a 15 minute racket in the dark, performed at night in a dark garage in December. Then condensed into a short 2:30 min video.

A real experiment with no preconcieved vision of an outcome, playing with electronics, code, visuals and sound to produce something different.