36 Rooms

36 Rooms promotes emotional discussion and personal connection in a casual and conversational way.
Through a set of 36 “room cards”, inspired by real art exhibitions, the players respond to prompts by selecting cards they identify most with. After a short round, each player is left with a miniature “gallery” of cards which they can give a tour of, discuss their personal choices and compare their responses to everyone else’s.

The game encourages sharing of basic emotional distresses and feelings to get families and friends creating an ongoing dialogue of emotional support and discussion all while getting to know each other a little better.

project blog

The project revolved around a continual evolution of card games, creating two sets of prototype cards and numerous sets of rules in order to create an engaging experience and enjoyable game. Each stage was informed by qualitative research from interviewing fellow students, a mental health counsellor and a psychologist in addition to analysing existing games.

The idea of the game was to act as an enabler for emotional conversation in friend groups or families in which previously there was little or none, in order to encourage a supportive and open dialogue for feelings and mental health struggles.
Early Prototype Cards